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Deeply grounded and practical channeled guidance to help you amplify the work YOU have come here to create.

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Spiritual Alignment

When your business is an extension of your soul, you want your support team to be connected to that same deep well of Light, to create what truly matters.

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Practical Advice

Channeled guidance gives you direct access to the expert-driven inspiration that creates worlds! This work is deeply grounded and connected to results.

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Powerful Solutions

Successful entrepreneurs build businesses on great relationships, ones that grow from effective communication and solution-oriented collaboration. Let's do this!

The Council Of Twelve

For 36 years, I've been privileged to work directly with The Council Of Twelve, an exalted circle of Ascended Masters who have guided Earth for aeons.

Sitting with The Council is like accessing a trust-worthy 'Board of Advisors' gathered specifically for your business and personal needs.  Bathe in expert guidance in every area of life and work.

Channeled Business Guidance offers higher vision for clear sighted business solutions

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

Throughout history, great leaders have turned to wisdom keepers and seers who channel higher guidance for broader insight and support. 

Today, we are blessed with divine channelers of Ascended Beings whose counsel and advice directs leaders and individuals who deeply desire to amplify their impact for greater good.

Rare, indeed, is a channel who is well-trained in trauma recovery, with over four decades as a full-time therapist.  These collaborative readings are informed by wisdom developed in helping people evolve beyond trauma, so we may dissolve beliefs and emotional blocks that stand in the way of your ultimate success.

Combined with the business acumen developed over 42+ years of development, education, and success in various fields, (big lessons learned!) The Council and I bring a rare real-world spiritual approach to building businesses that make a lasting impact.


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Natalie Z.

CEO, Business Consultant

"Evalena is one of those rare individuals blessed with superb wisdom, kindness, care, and commitment for transformation for individuals, businesses and the world. I highly recommend consulting with her for personal and business insights and healing."

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Rico Martin

CEO, Artist, Solopreneur

"You benefit whether you are a 'believer' or not. As a CEO and inventor I say, 'I don't really understand how it works, but hey, it works!  It works wondrously well.' "

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Jeanne M.

Corporate Trainer, CEO Coach

"I've worked with Evalena for 30 years in many amazing and beneficial ways. She has supported me in creating an exceptional, prosperous and fulfilling business, flourishing even in challenging financial times. I highly recommend you experience the magic Evalena can create in your life!"

Channeled Business Guidance unlocks our unique work in the world so we find the biggest vision for business solutions.

Unlock the work that is uniquely YOURS to do. THAT is where you will be the most successful.

Channeled Business Guidance can help you:

  • Stay relevant and nimble in a changing economy.
  • Develop the best approach to designing and creating desirable offerings.
  • Be the master of strategy and communication in places that drive results.
  • Be in aligned partnership with Highest guidance so you can see the BIGGER vision.
  • Magnify your reach and deepen the relationships that matter most.
  • Having on-going access to wisdom Beings who can see into future realities.

Would you like to fortify your ability to evolve a wealthy life and build a business aligned with your heart-path? Download my free audio meditation to connect with the consciousness of true wealth.

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Top features

  • 4 Sessions
  • 1.5 hrs each
  • Direct contact w/ Council Of Twelve
  • Audio & video tools
  • Business Strategy Tools
  • Therapeutic support
  • mp3 recordings
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Most Popular

  • 6  Sessions
  • 2 hrs each
  • Guided Meditations
  • Everything from Basic Package
  • PLUS 9 Femifesting Audios
  • PLUS text and email support*
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Top features

  • 10 Sessions x 2hrs each
  • Everything from Advanced
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Plus BONUS 1hr marketing strategy session
  • Plus BONUS 15 minute phone check-ins each week
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This work is my passion.  Let me help you discover yours.

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