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Uplevel Consciousness & Unravel The Effects Of Trauma 

The Councils of Light evolved the CODES FOR NEW HUMANITY in answer to fervent prayers and invocations for radical changes on this planet.  This innovative system offers a series of elevations in consciousness for those seeking to rise into 4th and 5th dimensional realities - and more fully live there! 

In being opened to your soul's full capacities, your true quantum powers become readily available, increasing the ease with which you create a radiant life.

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"New Codes For Humanity is an experience of indescribable love and care. This series of Codes shifted my consciousness and I was able to release the need to control things, and allow the universe to do its magic in my life. I experienced a wholistic clearing in order to receive what’s most needed for my spiritual growth/enlightenment. It is safe to say that I am a different person, much more aware of what I think, feel, and do...and more deeply connected with unconditional love. I highly encourage you to experience this invaluable service facilitated by the highest Beings." 
- C.W., Trinidad

Babaji shares how Codes for New Humanity leads to 4th & 5th dimensional consciousness.

Babaji describes this extraordinary work from the Councils of Light

“We are excited to offer seekers of transcendent consciousness these Codes for New Humanity.  A coalition of Ascended Masters, exalted goddesses, and archangels is chosen for each receiver’s needs. 

Multi-dimensionality evolves as 7 chakras above the crown are cleared, energized and aligned with higher vibratory patterns. The reptilian brain is quieted to only serve in real danger, the conscious mind is freed of the past to partner with intuitive mind and higher mind. 

These sessions activate you to live in higher realities and lift your body, heart, and soul to more advanced levels of evolution.

Once the codes are fully installed, it feels natural to reside in these higher dimensions.  Your Light Body and Soul Essence inform and illuminate the physical body your soul chose to employ.”  

Babaji is an Ascended Master who has worked with this planet for aeons and serves as part of The Council of Twelve, one of the ancient councils of the White Brotherhood of Light. He may be best known as the Himalayan Master in Autobiography of a Yogi.
While he has had incarnations on Earth, he is immortal and a loving, transcendent presence. It is an honor to channel him and to sit in his presence.
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Quantum Leaps Occur

Codes for New Humanity will:

  • Activate your original design to advance your evolution.
  • Liberate you to discover the power of your true Being
  • Awaken additional strands of DNA and¬†clear others
  • Upgrade the pineal and pituitary glands and mid-brain
  • Release family and karmic patterns in your soul's ancestry
  • Give you access to enhanced intuition and Soul knowledge
  • Open you to the radiant capacities of your quantum self
  • Connect you to your Light and to Oneness Itself

Requires seven sessions of two hours each to fully integrate and activate the Codes. 

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Codes For New Humanity enhance intuition and soul knowledge of 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness.

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Seven energetic healing sessions of two hours each are required to fully integrate and activate the Codes. The Councils of Light create a coalition of myriad healing guides, angels, and goddesses most attuned to your soul's evolution.  They uplevel your consciousness through carefully choreographed interventions with Evalena as vessel grounding the sacred sanctuary required for this work. 

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