Collaborating With Spirit

And accessing your quantum nature.

Learn how to connect and listen-in with Ascended Masters and goddesses as they take us deep into the heart of our soul's journey.

You will discover ways to access your own multi-dimensional nature, to more fully hear and receive guidance, and to call in guides most skillful in areas you specifically need.

Are you called to connect even deeper with Channeled Guidance...
To accelerate your skillful development?

Private Channeled Guidance

Opening ourselves to experiencing quantum leaps in time, space, and consciousness comes with practice, healing, and connection with channeled guidance.  You are welcome to explore private channeling sessions with me and The Council Of Twelve, so you can activate safely, smoothly and with more clarity in your direction.

Private Channeled Guidance Sessions

~ Satsang ~
Encounters With Truth

This is a spiritual accelerator group experience for those who are devoted to consistent practice and the gems that come from being a part of a spiritual community. Since it's set up as a monthly membership experience, participants receive a lot of value for a small monthly fee. *Access to exclusive BONUS resources is also available.

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