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In an age where deep engagement with information is rare, being present with learning is more vital than ever.


A transformative audio journey designed to help you fully tap into your powerful feminine energy and unlock the life of your dreams. Each 30-minute guided meditation helps you work with your most actualized Future Self to witness your cherished goals fulfilled. Feel the power of your highest dreams being fully lived and gain the confidence of experiencing them realized.t, meditate herbalist oracle love.

  • Fully tap into your powerful feminine energy to unlock the life of your dreams.
  • Femifesting meditations guide you to new levels of manifestation and abundance.
  • Align with your Future Self to experience profound miracles and greater clarity.
  • Join this journey and expand your capacity to manifest your dreams beyond imagination.
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Living as an Empath

A course designed to help you reclaim your body, mind, and emotions while enhancing your intuitive abilities and maintaining strong boundaries. Learn to clear toxic energy, heighten your empathic skills, and stay safe as you navigate energetic interactions.

  • Clear Toxic Energy: Cleanse toxic residues from your physical, emotional, and subtle bodies.

  • Enhance Your Skills: Heighten your intuitive abilities and hone empathic gifts for insight and wisdom.

  • Stay Safe: Develop practices to release others' energies and maintain clear, compassionate boundaries.

  • Master Your Energy: Care for your energy field and chakras to feel strong and radiate healing without taking on pain or turmoil.

    * Originally developed for expert sessions on Learn It Live, a wellness learning platform. The 6 videos are pre-recorded. 

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Blissfire Tantra Meditation

Discover Erotic Pleasuring as a Spiritual Practice with Blissfire Meditation. This audio course blends sensuality and spirituality, teaching you to embrace your body, deepen divine connection, and transform pleasure into profound spiritual growth.

  • Embrace Sensuality: Explore your body's wisdom and awaken your senses.
  • Mindful Presence: Develop techniques for staying present and fully experiencing each moment.
  • Energy Flow: Channel sexual energy for healing and spiritual growth.
  • Sacred Union: Connect with the divine within yourself, experiencing oneness through pleasure and spirituality.
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"Evalena's online empath training has been life-changing. It taught me how to be around people without absorbing their energy, making me feel more balanced and empowered in my interactions."

Anna Carlsen

"The course helped me overcome barriers around self-care and truly embrace my own divinity, allowing me to nurture and honor myself in ways I never thought possible."



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