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Monthly Membership includes Live Channeling by Evalena
of Babaji & The Council of Twelve

Next Online Satsang is Thursday, June 15
12-2pm EDT, 9-11am PDT, 4-6pm GMT 

Save upcoming dates 7/20, 8/17 & 9/21

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Satsang is a gathering of wisdom seekers that strengthens your connection to the Divine, to yourself, and to other like-hearted individuals.

A wonderful opportunity for you to become part of an interactive community of people desiring to evolve their personal consciousness and that of the collective.

From 40 years of co-creating festivals and conferences around the world, Evalena has gathered a world-wide following. What a joy to be awakening within an international community!

 "Having earned Wise Woman Elder status in the great circle of belonging, I know these times together will lift you up and support you in moving beyond fears and doubts...into the actualization of what calls you from deep within your Soul." - Evalena Rose

You'll come away with more vibrant aliveness!


Monthly Membership includes...  

 Live, Interactive Thursdays!  12pm edt, 9am pdt, 6pm cest.

  • Satsang: Sitting with the Divine: Each 2-hour live channeling includes a dharma talk, responses to your inquiries, and The Council demonstrating some of their innovative healing techniques.
  • Stay an extra half hour for questions and sharing of insights - conscious, heart-centered conversations
  • Access to a private Mighty Networks global community

Exclusive Video: Each month, Evalena records a yummy, inspirational and timely video just for members

Discount: Members receive a 60% discount on all digital courses and products including 8 Femifesting Meditations, Living as an Empath Course, and Blissfire Tantra 

Archive: Receive access to an ever-growing library of channelings and recordings, some exclusively for members

Sign Up Bonuses:

  • Activating the New Human Instruction - Superb video!
  • Working Your Curriculum video
  • Violet Flame Meditation 

Monthly Fee: $25
First Satsang free - come explore!


The Hub is a spiritual playground.

You can be your quirky self and all of you is held. You'll encounter an international community of  people who will expand your horizons.

- Dania De Marseille | Embodiment Coach and Tantra Educator

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Offering Presence is a Gift

The answer to almost all questions about letting go of patterns, or people, is Presence and breath. What matters to me most is Community. What I teach most is Presence.

Together with Babaji and The Council of Twelve, we can come together in the Hub and enjoy Presence and Just Being.

From my 43 years of teaching, running events, business consulting, and private practice, I have much to share!

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