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Dylan Smith


Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

Sacred Intimacy & Erotic Arts

These pleasurable sessions open you to explore arts of deep connection and passion through spiritual practices and heartful exchanges.  Reclaim your sexuality, confidence, and vitality with tantric breathwork. Learn ways to share the "keys to the kingdom" with your partner - what opens and pleases you.

You may choose to add Erotic Communication skills, or move to Pleasure Mapping to deepen your repertoire for pleasing each other and yourself.  We demo and practice non-genital touch, and share skills you can enjoy in your private love-making.  Staying overnight can allow deeper assimilation of these arts.

💜  Expand into what's possible for your self, together
💜  Deepen contact with your inner lover
💜  Feel honored as the goddess/ god you are
💜  Explore ways to pleasure & treasure each other
💜  Open your heart to greater love 
💜  Open your body to enhanced pleasure

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Learning To Love

We begin in a deeply honoring place within ourselves, then meet the Divine beloved within the other. This allows us to reflect the very best of each other as we enter into transformative love.

"I love experiencing the aliveness and vitality of being truly present while intimate. Evalena skillfully helps you move past the fear and vulnerability of being authentic." ~ T. R.
"Gazing in each other’s eyes was euphoric, amazing after many years together. Evalena really kept the evening flowing in clear, wonderful language. Her sexy voice kept me captivated the entire time." ~ A.C.
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Create Sacred Space That Opens Doorways To The Divine

Invoke the magic of love's transformative power, together.

*These events are held in Asheville, NC.
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Enhance Your Capacity For Intimacy

Download my beloved CHAKRA HEALING MEDITATION and begin the delicious journey of opening up, from the inside out.  This is a beautiful way to prepare and honor self before engaging with your beloved(s).

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