Sitting With The Divine

A new portal opens for 2021 as we co-create a monthly membership to Sitting With The Divine where you have direct access to The Ascended Masters, as well as my decades-long wisdom teachings.  These monthly Satsangs aid us in our investigative path of conscious humanity. Come home to yourself and share in the loving presence of this kindred community.

Enter The Monthly Temple Of The Divine

Satsangs Of Universal Wisdom

Satsang gatherings are "encounters with truth" as wise beings join in exploring the mysteries within and beyond.

Each gathering is unique, informed and created by the people who come together and the questions they ask. These elevated experiences always deeply inspire and fulfill.

Satsang is a sacred gathering of like-minded, uplifting people ready to explore wisdom that elevates consciousness.  Satsangs are believed to dissolve separation as the inter-connectivity of all beings becomes more apparent.  Extraordinary awakenings can occur.

Sitting With The Divine events are held locally in Asheville, NC and in special online events.  Details below.

The Council Of Twelve

“I want to thank you (and The Council) for being a wisdom teacher, role model, and ally in my life. Your teachings and healings have guided me through difficult me tools and support to keep uncovering my authentic self. Thank you for your huge contributions to this life journey.” -Amir Yang

Introducing Satsang Online Membership 

Sitting With The Divine

A monthly membership series

Once a month on Thursdays, I will co-lead online Satsang gatherings with The Council Of Twelve.  

These audiences with Spirit are elevated offerings for those ready to experience profound expansion.  

Sitting With The Divine is an immersion in Spiritual Love and divinely supported personal process, within sacred community.

To facilitate the most powerful, life-changing breakthroughs, I will add the depths of my decades-long experience in therapeutic healing and Tantric love to the wisdom of The Council.

Come sit with us...people from all over the world and Beings of we cultivate a safe, inclusive space for your awakening.

Come experience the light, the insight, the deepening. Your first gathering is FREE. 💜

Monthly Satsang Membership: $25 

Satsangs are 2 hours long (replays posted after)

9am - 11am PDT 
12pm - 2pm EST
5pm - 7pm London, GMT

Upcoming Thursdays:
October 28th,
November 18th
and December 9th

  ** New members enjoy 3 exclusive bonuses that help activate a deep awakening.

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The Council of Twelve 

Ascended Masters & immortal beings who’ve served Gaia for aeons apply a laser-like focus to help you think through issues, evolve solutions, and assimilate lessons learned. 

Some define The Council as a warm, spiritual “Board of Advisors” who collaborate with you to find potent answers to your questions.  Evalena and The Council have evolved an Oracle of Change process that activates your decision-making powers to help you stand in your inner authority.  More sovereingty results!
 See more here.

In-person Events - Asheville, NC

Satsangs with Evalena Rose and The Council Of Twelve.

(Currently suspended for COVID safety)

We co-create a loving audience with Spirit as I address your inquiries...assisted by  Ascended Masters and goddesses who channel through me. Enjoy the gems gleaned from my 42 years as a healing practitioner and sincere spiritual seeker. 
I love allowing The Council of Twelve to channel their great wisdom through my voice. They skillfully collaborate with us around our lives and paths. On occasion, guides who are highly skilled in a specific area of expertise will rotate in, providing unparalleled support for deep inquiries.
Guidance provided is always practical, timely, and deeply inspirational!
Let's soar into our Light together.
Asheville Satsang Details
  - in person -
  • 3:30-7:30 pm Eastern, Sunday
  • Please R.S.V.P.
  • Please arrive by 3:30. 
  • Asheville - Directions sent once RSVP.
  • All serious seekers welcome.
  • Children who can sit quietly welcome.
6:30ish: Nourishing Pot Luck and time to enjoy the camaraderie we've co-created. Please stay to enjoy this amazing community of wisdom seekers, your gift back to me!
Please bring healthy, delicious prepared food, preferably gluten, dairy, and peanut free. *Tell my helper if dish needs warming - we'll put in the oven around 6.
No time to prepare food? come anyway!
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