Sitting With The Divine

New portals open in each monthly Satsang as you enjoy direct access to Ascended Masters and my decades-long wisdom teachings.

Sitting With The Divine gatherings involve you in transformative practices and guidance for evolving your conscious humanity.  Come home to yourself in this loving community of kindred souls.

Satsang in person with Evalena Rose

In-Person Gatherings

We gather in my lovely home in Asheville, NC with conscious community and share The Council's guidance and highest wisdom. In-person Satsang will be 3rd or 4th Sundays in 2023. See actual dates below.

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Satsangs of Universal Wisdom

Satsang gatherings are "encounters with truth" - wisdom seekers explore the mysteries within and beyond.

The Council opens with guidance for the collective, then responds to inquiries from those attending. Healings occur and tools are shared that deeply inspire and fulfill.

Satsang is a sacred gathering of like-minded, uplifting people ready to explore wisdom that elevates consciousness.  Satsangs dissolve separation as the inter-connectivity of all beings becomes apparent. 

Extraordinary awakenings occur.

Sitting With The Divine events are held in Asheville, NC and online. Details below.

The Council of Twelve:

Ascended Masters & immortal beings who’ve served Gaia for aeons apply a laser-like focus to help you think through issues, evolve solutions, and assimilate lessons learned. They guide quantum healing and activate higher consciousness.

The Council is like a warm, spiritual “Board of Advisors” who collaborate with you to evolve potent answers to your queries.  Evalena and The Council help activate your decision-making powers to help you stand in your inner authority. You gain sovereignty and advanced skills for life! 
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“Thank you (and The Council) for being a wisdom teacher, role model, and ally in my life. Your teachings and healings have guided me through difficult me tools and support to keep uncovering my authentic self. Thank you for your huge contributions to this life journey.” -Amir Yang

Online Satsang

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Join our monthly online Satsang gatherings I co-lead with The Council Of Twelve, an elevated offering for those ready for profound expansion.

Sitting With The Divine is an immersion in spiritual love and divinely supported personal process in sacred community 

Potent breakthroughs occur as I add depth from my decades of teaching and working therapeutically to The Council's wisdom.

Come sit with Beings of Light and like-hearted people from all over the world as we cultivate a safe, loving space for your awakening.

Experience Light and deepening insights. 💜


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There is a wondrous gift in the Satsang group that brings something to my practice that I simply don't experience at home on my own. Evalena is highly skilled and experienced in channeling Guides and Masters...and the wisdom that is shared feels very supportive of my growth, expansion, and awakening. ~ Alexandra Alba

In-Person Events - Asheville, NC 

Satsang with Evalena and The Council of Twelve.

Sunday, November 19 3:30-6:30pm EDT in Asheville, NC 

Price: $25 USD
(directions emailed to you when you register. arrive by 3:30. potluck at 6:30.)

(Save upcoming date: 12/17) 

We co-create a loving audience with Spirit. I channel Ascended Masters who address your inquiries and share gems gleaned from my 44 years as a healing practitioner and sincere spiritual seeker. 

I love allowing The Council of Twelve to channel their great wisdom through my voice. They skillfully collaborate with us around our lives and paths and may bring guides who are highly skilled in a specific area of expertise, providing unparalleled support for deep inquiries.
Guidance is practical, timely, and deeply inspirational!

Soaring into Light together. All sincere seekers welcome


In Person Satsang

Price: $25 USD

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