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I'm Evalena Rose


I am Evalena Rose, M.A., with over 45 years of experience helping individuals heal emotionally and spiritually. My expertise includes alternative healing, body-centered therapies, emotional release techniques, psychic and spiritual healing, energy balancing, soul retrieval, Tantra, and recovery from incest, abuse, and addictions.

For 37 years, I have channeled the Ascended Masters known as The Council of Twelve, working with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate spiritual growth and healing. My sessions often combine spiritual counseling, channeling, and energy healing, offering a holistic approach to personal transformation through "The Codes for New Humanity."

I have taught seminars on channeling and empath skills for over 36 years and founded LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart in 1997. My work focuses on creating safe, sacred spaces for participants to reclaim sovereignty over their bodies and lives. My educational background includes an M.A. in Educational Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology, along with numerous post-graduate seminars, supporting my integrative approach to healing.


Decades Of Practice


Evalena Rose, M. A. I have been in private practice for 45 years, helping people heal and grow emotionally and spiritually. My extensive studies in alternative healing, body-centered therapies (including Gestalt and Hakomi), emotional release techniques, psychic and spiritual healing, energy balancing, soul retrieval, Tantra, and recovery from incest, abuse, and addictions are what sets me apart from other healers and therapists. There is no one else who offers what I do.

I also bring 37 years of channeling into my breadth of work with the channeled group of Ascended Masters known as The Council of Twelve. We work together to help individuals, couples, and groups....many of whom are healers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. This healing work continues to be a source of spiritual growth and unfoldment for me as well as the many who me regularly.

Some people begin seeing me for spiritual counseling to clear issues of childhood and dysfunctional patterns, then add work with Spirit through channeling to create a healthy, fulfilling life.  Some add energy healing to release stuck patterns and increase body and energetic wholeness.  All the work comes together in "The Codes for New Humanity", a multi-dimensional upgrade.

Health practitioners often refer their clients for energetic healing to free the body of the past, or channeled readings to clear issues that are blocking the effectiveness of their treatments.  Our sessions together are a great adjunct to any modality.

I have taught seminars for 36 years on channeling and skills for empaths. My teachings on sacred intimate relationships led to founding LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart in 1997, offering workshops and building a conscious community of healthy sex-positive lifestyles. Participants in this work say that I am a master at creating safe and sacred spaces in which to reclaim sovereignty over their bodies and their lives. This is very important to me.

My formal education includes an M.A. in Educational Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology. Additionally, I have taken hundreds of post-graduate seminars in therapeutic and healing practices. I am not a licensed therapist, though I have the education of many who are, but I choose to remain free to combine healing and therapeutic work in whatever ways are most effective for each person.


Living as an Empath

In this 6-week series you will gain vital skills and tools to set clear, energetic boundaries and claim your sovereignty from unwanted influences of others.

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