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I feel very appreciated when you refer others to me.
For any you refer who pays full fee for a session,
I'll gift you $40 credit toward your own.


Evalena helps you heal core wounds and dissolve whatever blocks you from having the life you want. She guides you to release held emotions and access spiritual resources that transmute patterns from childhood or past lives.

Channeled Readings

Evalena channels the Council of Twelve, bringing in guidance and healing from Ascended Masters, Gods, and Goddesses. Experience an extraordinary, love-filled audience with Spirit, enjoying the presence of great Light as you receive wisdom and guidance.

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Multi-dimensional Healing

Come gently home to your body as Evalena helps you release emotional patterns and stuck energy from cells and organs. She works with healing guides and angels to lift the past out of your physical and subtle bodies, balance your chakras and energy systems, and bring all of you into current time.


Evalena and the Council of Twelve offer FREE Tele-Channeling evenings, as well as Tele-Classes on specific topics.  Feel free to submit topics you'd like to have covered in these classes. 

Intensive Retreats

Evalena works with people in a retreat setting to create radical shifts in their healing process. These life-transforming days are guided by channeling and divinatory tools such as Tarot and Runes. We blend emotional processing and release, spiritual healing, altered states work, movement and bodywork.

Evalena has a M.A. in Educational Psychology, a B.A. in Psychology and has been in private practice for 30 years -- Not a licensed therapist

She is trained in Gestalt, body-centered therapies, inner child work, psychic and spiritual healing, soul retrieval, emotional release, energy balancing, Tantra and intimacy, and recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and abuse.


Located in Sebastopol, CA
Also available by phone world-wide.



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