Puja for your Birthday or Celebration

I'll guide a Puja for your circle of up to two hours at your place or mine, a ritual celebration of connection and sensuality. Delightful way to drop in with your loved ones and friends.

Step into a world of sacred connection and sensual celebration with a personalized Puja guided by experienced facilitator, Evalena Rose.  This two-hour ritual gathering invites you and your circle to experience a delightful and profound journey of togetherness.  Embrace the power of presence, as we explore ancient traditions and create a space for meaningful connections with your loved ones and friends. 


What Distinguishes Evalena's Pujas?

  • Enjoy a rejuvenating gathering of connection, breathwork, sacred rituals, dance, and Tantra practices in a safe, boundary-honoring space.
  • They are heart-based, with times of deep presence, sharing the heart of love.
  • They are soul-satisfying as you feel deeply seen, honored, and revered.
  • Lovely guidance to breathe your way into ecstatic states of union and orgasmic flows.
  • Practice in romantic arts, dancing for each other, sharing treasuring touch, cherishing contact.
  • Most experience falling in love, over and over again . . . until you realize you are the source of love.


Through heartfelt intentions, guided practices, and shared moments of joy, this Puja will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of human connection.

Celebration Puja with Evalena Rose 

Price: $350 USD

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