My Garden Of Events Is Always Growing

Every year brings both new and the return of our most beloved events. You can find me leading Tantra Pujas at world-wide festivals, as a featured guest in various online summits, hosting sacred evenings in my home....or any number of other offerings.

There are many ways we can connect. I encourage you to reach out to me for personal healing work, spiritual business development, or playful collective gatherings. 💜 

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Local & Online Events 

Mentoring &

Spiritual Mentorship is especially for healing practitioners, entrepreneurs, and experienced spiritual seekers who are ready to deepen their personal and professional practice.

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Sitting With The Divine
(Local & Online)

These intimate small-group experiences of sitting with The Council brings healing and clear insights to all who attend. Come, bring your questions and receive the love that is here for you.

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Sacred Evenings
For Lovers

A guided evening devoted to erotic arts, tailored to your relationship, in ways that deepen your private lovemaking. Co-create an altar to your love and expand into what's possible, together.

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Upcoming Special Events

Shadows And Light

Until we identify, befriend, and heal the shadow parts of ourselves, we are trapped with them. Join us and explore, reclaim, and heal lost parts of yourself!

I will be sharing my signature Radiant Heart Celebration on the festival opening eve. This evening of sacred exchanges turns strangers into community and gives you means by which to initiate contact with other participants around your shared experience.

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