My Garden Of Events Is Always Growing

Every year brings both new and the return of our most beloved global healing events. You can find me leading Tantra Pujas at world-wide festivals, as a featured guest in various online summits, hosting sacred evenings in my home....or any number of other offerings.

There are many ways we can connect. I encourage you to reach out to me for personal healing work, spiritual business development, or playful collective gatherings. 💜 

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Global healing events for personal and channeled business development with Evalena Rose.

Local & Global Healing Events 

Mentoring &

Spiritual Mentorship is especially for healing practitioners, entrepreneurs, and experienced spiritual seekers who are ready to deepen their personal and professional practice.

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Sitting With The Divine
(Local & Online)

These intimate small-group experiences of sitting with The Council brings healing and clear insights to all who attend. Come, bring your questions and receive the love that is here for you.

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Sacred Evenings
For Lovers

A guided evening devoted to erotic arts, tailored to your relationship, in ways that deepen your private lovemaking. Co-create an altar to your love and expand into what's possible, together.

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Upcoming Special Events

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One World Tantra Festival (online)
November 20 - 27, 2020

Desiring more affluence? More depth in relationships? A richer and more sensually alive life?

The Tantric path is about our journey within....where we learn to become more receptive to what's possible by softening the barriers we have built against love.

Join me, along with over 100 of the worlds tops Tantric facilitators, in a safe and deeply honoring community at the virtual One World Tantra Festival from November 20 - 27....and embrace the abundant reciprocity you have with the universe.

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Parasympathetic Summit

with Jodi Cohen - Nov. 9-15

Sometimes I like to share other people's events that I believe will really help my audience, and I think this is the latest and greatest information on mood and anxiety management. It's something that I often discuss and share with my clients.

This summit is free online from November 9-15. More than 50 doctors and health experts will show you how to activate and support your parasympathetic nervous system with guided protocols and energetic healing modalities.

Learn how to turn off the stress response to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, and turn on your body’s ability to heal.

  • Enhancing Brain Function & Performance
  • Alleviate Anxiety & Depression
  • Accelerate detoxification
  • Support Autoimmunity and so much more.


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