Local & Global Healing Events 

Satsang: Sitting with the Divine

in Asheville

We gather in my lovely home in Asheville, NC with conscious community and share The Council's guidance and highest wisdom.

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Sacred Evenings
For Lovers

A guided evening devoted to erotic arts, tailored to your relationship, in ways that deepen your private lovemaking. Co-create an altar to your love and expand into what's possible, together.

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For over 4 decades I have been leading and/or teaching at festivals all over the US. These are gatherings that heal the heart and uplift the senses so that we become more attuned to our inward-journey together...in a way that puts love first.

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Puja for your Birthday or Celebration

I'll guide a Puja for your circle of up to two hours at your place or mine, a ritual celebration of connection and sensuality. Delightful way to drop in with your loved ones and friends.

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Join Evalena for SoulPlay 2024

I'm thrilled to be presenting again at the amazing SoulPlay Festival which has been so successful, it's expanding into two weekends.

Each weekend is filled with immersive workshops, amazing ecstatic dancing, heart-opening gatherings. I especially love bringing my Radiant Heart Ceremony to each opening - giving people in-depth connections to join into the incredible sense of community that SoulPlay is renowned for.

I've taught at and facilitated festivals for over 50 years, and I can definitely say that SoulPlay stands out as the epitome of these gatherings. It's like stepping into a vibrant village, meticulously organized, with top-tier presenters and an atmosphere filled with warmth and inclusivity.💜 


Register early (before Sunday 4/7!) and receive a $20 discount on your 2024 SoulPlay ticket below by using code EVALENAROSE at checkout.
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Radiant Heart Ceremony: Co-creating Heart Connections

Enjoy playful and deeply fulfilling connections with old friends & delightful new people. Evalena gently guides heart-centered exchanges: undulatory breath practices, soul gazing, sacred touch, erotic dance, & chakra connecting breaths, with boundaries & respect. May be sensual but not sexual, intimate, deeply moving, a quiet drop in or high energy. People say it's fulfilling, enjoyable, nurturing. Deep sacred presence can meet intimacy needs. No partner required – you meet many! Ocytocin rich!

Empath Relationship Challenges: Tools & Skills

Empaths are often challenged in relationships by taking on another’s chaos or pain, which can lead to confusion or murky boundaries. Evalena teaches new skills vital to happiness & personal freedom. In dyads, you experience your current boundaries and ways to better care for your needs. Learn to create a sovereign field that keeps your body from taking on emotions, imagery techniques to clear toxic energies, and practices that help you clear after intimacy.
Boundaries can enhance intimacy!

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My Garden Of Events Is Always Growing

Every year brings both new and the return of our most beloved global healing events. You can find me leading Tantra Pujas at world-wide festivals, as a featured guest in various online summits, hosting sacred evenings in my home....or any number of other offerings.

There are many ways we can connect. I encourage you to reach out to me for personal healing work, spiritual business development, or playful collective gatherings. 💜 

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Global healing events for personal and channeled business development with Evalena Rose.