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Listening to this Healing Chakra Meditation brings light and clarity to your body, your mind, and your soul. Download it today and listen as often as you like. 💜 

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Welcome 💜

I help you experience quantum leaps in healing from the inside out, and powerful spirit-based businesses that bring more light to the world so that you can create the life you desire.

Have a look through my signature offerings below for the many ways we can work together to enhance your healing, activate your business, and deepen your relationships.

If you want more support or clarity on what will serve you best, schedule a complimentary 20-minute discovery call with me and we'll work out a path together. 💜 

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Ways We Can Work Together


Are You Looking For An Intensive and Immersive Experience?

Intensive VIP Days

VIP days are a way to experience a customized deep-dive intensive into my entire healing toolbox. For those who want to activate or amplify any change process they desire, this 1-10 day journey brings life transforming work known to create radical shifts in one's healing process. We can draw from:

  • MetaTherapy
  • Channeling
  • Channeled Business Guidance
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Energetic Healing
  • Meditation Practices
  • Tantra and breathwork training
  • Sacred Rituals
  • Journaling assignments to integrate changes
  • Forays into nature in gorgeious mountains

Participants make quantum leaps forward in many areas of their life, healing, and personal journeys of self-actualization. *VIP experiences are highly customized for each individual.

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A Special Event, FREE!!

In celebration of my new website I am offering a complimentary 3-day mini-masterclass in the art of quantum creating through my signature Femifesting process.

If you are ready to accelerate your growth and deepen your skills in creating with Spirit, this is for you.


Participants in the Femifesting Masterclass will have the opportunity to win free sessions, programs, or products from my healing library of offerings.

Masterclass runs for 3 Wednesdays beginning September 30th at 12 - 12:45pm EST. Sign up to hear all the details.

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Femifesting Mini Masterclass

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