What will lead me to the life of my highest imagining? 


Spiritual Mentorship is for healing practitioners, entrepreneurs, and experienced spiritual seekers who feel the call of their true work and desire deep-dive mentoring. 

Are you ready to prepare the garden of your heart for the most fertile connection with love and soul guidance?  To stand at the portal to your new self and assess, then enter purposefully, with vibrant aliveness, primed for success?


If you would like to be included in Spiritual Mentorship program announcements and openings, please click below for an application to join this sacred circle.  Each Mentorship Group is 6 weeks long, and by invitation only. 

Once you apply, we will schedule a discovery interview to see if it is a fit for you and the group forming.

I Want To Be Included

Illuminate YOU

This is not a 'how to' on following my path, but a 'how YOU' will be supported in creating yours.

Activate Skills

This rich ministry of heart and spirit breathes new life into your gifts so they can be shared widely.

Support Team

We need each other. Our intimate group of advanced practitioners becomes a vital pillar of support.

Clarify Visions

Receive the wisdom and blessings of The Council Of Twelve for radiant clarity of purpose and path.

Awaken and strengthen your spiritual gifts.  

A high quality network of support helps us uncover our deepest truths so that we can effortlessly follow our innate inner guidance and be fully expressed in the world.

This is a rare opportunity to work directly with Evalena and The Council of Twelve as you evolve an intimate relationship with your unique path in life and discern how to offer your highest gifts to the world..

Spiritual Mentorship programs are part of my living legacy, gleaning from my four decades of private practice and workshop facilitation as I evolved 6 different businesses. As a woman who has earned her Wise Woman Elder place in the great circle of belonging, I know this work together will lift you up and support you in moving beyond fears and doubts...into the actualization of what calls you from within.

"A year ago, Evalena helped open my gift of channeling. Since then, as I have faced the challenges and beautiful moments of my spiritual gifts, I often wished I had more support on the journey. When Evalena announced her Spiritual Mentoring program, I was overjoyed with the opportunity to be able to dive deeper with her, The Council of Twelve, and other like-gifted souls. This program has helped me face fears of expansion and taught me how to dance more gracefully with resistance. I now have a new-found confidence in myself and my gifts. Evalena and The Council are so loving in the wisdom they offer and the space they hold in assisting us ‘Dear Ones’ in our growth. Thank you!"
-Bri Litster. / Author, Yogi, Intuitive Energy Healer

6 Weeks Of Deep Mentoring

Advance and refine your skills.

In our 6-weeks together we'll:

  • Meet by Zoom for 3 hours a week with Evalena and The Council of Twelve.
  • Enjoy teachings and channeled responses geared to your needs.
  • Grow your capacity to channel and utilize intuitive and empathic arts.
  • Gain clarity through planning exercises and embodiment through movement.
  • We bring power and playfulness to the deep transformations we co-create.
  • Have access to  private text and email support directly with Evalena.
  • Participate in a private Facebook group for bonus resources and support. 
  • Gain access to a wide variety of video and audio teachings.

Six Week Program Price: $497

*Upgrade to the VIP experience and receive
2 private 90 minute channeling sessions with The Council Of Twelve.
($100 savings!)

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The Mentorship is a wonderful opportunity to deepen connection to Spirit in the service of others and self. Evalena’s skill and experience open new channels, as clarity emerges.
- Lou Fuerstman, MD

Spiritual Mentorship Schedule:

The summer session is full.  We will begin the next six-week sequence in September, 2020.

If you would like to request an application and entry interview for future mentorship programs, please use the form below to begin the steps to being considered. 

Learn to nurture the seeds and sprouts of your own emerging light!

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Mentoring and apprenticeship programs are by invitation only and require an application & interview. Use the form below to request the initial intake questionnaire.

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