Spiritual Mentorship

An 8-week program to lead you to the life of your highest imagining.

Ready to dig deeper? 
To discover what your soul is truly about?
Discern your most fully expressed path?

This Spiritual Mentorship Program helps you uncover your deepest passions and break through residual blocks to greater clarity and financial success. Your inner world aligns with actualizing your fondest dreams.

Designed for advanced healing practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs, this mentoring elicits your most evolved and innate wisdom from years of personal practice, and elevates these gifts to new levels of expression in the world.

Stand at the portal to your new self, enter purposefully, and open the garden of your heart to your most fertile connection with love and soul-level guidance. 

*Participation by invitation. To apply to join this exalted circle, click below.
20 minute discovery call can be scheduled.
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Spiritual Mentorship Program. An intimate small group experience to strengthen your spiritual gifts.

"Once Evalena helped open my gift of channeling as I faced the challenges and beautiful moments of my spiritual gifts, I often wished for more support on the journey. When Evalena announced her Spiritual Mentoring program, I was overjoyed with the opportunity to dive deeper with her, The Council of Twelve, and like-gifted souls. This program helped me face fears of expansion and taught me how to dance more gracefully with resistance. I have a new-found confidence in myself and my gifts. Evalena and The Council are so loving in the wisdom they offer and the great ways they assist us ‘Dear Ones’ in our growth. "
-Bri Litster. / Author, Yogi, Intuitive Energy Healer

Illuminate YOU

This is not a 'how to' on following my path, but a 'how YOU' will be mentored in your own highest paths.

Activate Skills

This rich ministry of heart and spirit breathes new life into your gifts so they can be shared widely.

Supportive Circle

We need each other. Our intimate group of advanced practitioners evolves into a vital pillar of support.

Clarify Visions

Receive the wisdom and blessings of The Council Of Twelve for radiant clarity of purpose and path.

Activate and strengthen your spiritual gifts

A coveted opportunity for advanced healing practitioners, coaches, and influencers to work directly with Evalena and The Council of Twelve.   You'll evolve an intimate relationship with your unique path in life and how it unfolds.

Spiritual Mentorship activates a high-quality network that uncovers deep truths so each person more effortlessly evolves the work of their heart.

Part of Evalena's living legacy, this program gleans from four decades of private practice and workshop facilitation, her evolving of 6 successful businesses, sitting on Boards, and consulting with entrepreneurs and coaches. 

"As a woman who has earned Wise Woman Elder status in the great circle of belonging, I know this work we do together will lift you up and support you in moving beyond fears and doubts...into the actualization of what calls you from deep within your Soul." - Evalena Rose

You will come away with more vibrant aliveness and primed for success!

"Evalena creates a loving, joyful, supportive space where I feel safe to experiment, explore, and grow into myself more fully. The Mentorship has been both challenging and encouraging, surprising and validating.  I love there has been room for serious challenges and also for fun."
-Briana R.

"The mentorship provided massive value...not only from Evalena as a business coach and all of the resources that she shared with us...but we were also guided from the Council of Twelve"


-Caryn Bird, Clinical Sports Hypnotherapist, Founder of Win With Hypnosis


8 Weeks Of Deep-Dive Mentoring

Advance and refine your skills as you activate the true healer within. 8 online participants, all genders welcome.

In our 8 weeks together we'll:

  • Enjoy wisdom teachings and individualized coaching and channeled guidance
  • Develop greater embodiment through movement and guided imagery
  • Evolve your relationship with the Mysteries
  • Activate your ability to attune to higher forms of wisdom 
  • Practice channeling and intuitive arts sith mentoring by The Council of Twelve
  • Grow your capacity to utilize intuitive and empathic arts
  • Access all means of knowing in guiding yourself and others
  • Evolve your capacity for 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness
  • Clarify your soul’s mission and next steps in its fulfillment 
  • Gain business planning, time management, and marketing tools 
  • Amplify your capacity for prosperity and professional success
  • Work through procrastination and blocks to success
  • Develop effective communication skills so your needs and others' are met
  • Master your capacity to replace judgments with curious discernment 
  • Learn to use Scaler Wave energy for instant healings
  • Discover soul retrieval for clearing trauma

  • Explore the heart chakra's toroidal field and ways to access heart wisdom
  • Delve into the upper chakras and your multi-dimensional nature
  • Maintain a sovereign energetic field so you absorb less as an empath 


Eight Week Program Price: $1297 (valued at over $1900) 

Our 8-weeks together will include:

  • Weekly zoom meetings where Evalena shares channeled business guidance from The Council. 
  • Personalized wisdom from Evalena's 44-year career in therapeutic counseling, channeled readings, business coaching, and event facilitation.
  • An intimate, safe circle supporting you in busting through limiting beliefs so you can actualize your purpose and take action on your inner-most desires.
  • Time for Q+A so you can receive individualized guidance for your business, spiritual, and personal needs.
  • Access to a private online circle through Mighty Networks where this co-heart regularly exchanges support, input, and encouragement.
  • Resources for spiritual growth, business development and planning, and recordings of each gathering.
  • Access text and email support directly with Evalena.
  • Encouragement to set aside a private space with NO distractions and room to move freely

*Upgrade to the VIP experience which adds 2 private 90-minute channeling sessions with The Council Of Twelve. 
 (MetaTherapy, Channeling, or Channeled Business Guidance)
        VIP Option: $1,697 
($210 savings!)

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The Mentorship is a wonderful opportunity to deepen connection to Spirit in service of others and self. Evalena’s skill and experience open new channels and great clarity emerges. A result of this journey for me is a whole new connection with the light of Spirit and beings of the light, as well as maintaining my sovereignty. I let go of skepticism around my mystical half. 
- Lou Fuerstman, M.D.

I knew I possessed spiritual gifts but lacked confidence. Happily, by the end of the first six weeks, my confidence inproved ten-fold. In the second six-week course, I used my confidence and lessons to create an overall methodology unique to me. I definitely now operate at a higher vibration more consistently.

- J. Davis

Spiritual Mentorship with Evalena and The Council is truly a gift. I am so grateful to deepen
spiritually during a tumultuous time in history, I just love that nothing’s off limits in this sacred temple.
Evalena’s guidance in this work helps me be more expanded and connected in all areas of life which
has a far reaching impact. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Amanda Valpey, Goddess Guide


Spiritual Mentorship Schedule: 

 July 9 - August 27, 2024

Tuesdays: 12:30-3:30 edt, 9:30-12:30 pdt, 5:30-8:30 gmt

Eight spots available. Apply now to be considered. Use the form below to apply for inclusion in this program. 

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Meet amazing people who are changing the world

Here's a list of some of our previous participants:

  • An indigenous nurse working with tribal councils to expand services.
  • A budding tantra teacher in the south of France evolved a unique tantra chakra dance.
  • An organizational development trainer in Argentina grew her communication skills. 
  • An emergency room doctor on the verge of evolving beyond medicine.
  • A successful massage therapist developing a remote healing modality.
  • An established PhD Therapist developing her signature online program.
  • A fulfilled Tantric bodyworker who is now launched as a Waldorf teacher.
  • A business coach in large corporations deepening her capacity to hear and use guidance in her work.
  • A hospice chaplain who is now teaching Tantra, carrying on my legacy.
  • A college professor gaining relationship capacities to support global healing projects.
  • A rabbi with a decade in hospice on the verge of evolving her new expression, possibly a residential center.
  • A philanthropist upleveling her decision-making capacities.
  • A massage therapist creating ways to utilize her coaching capacities.
  • A midwife/ doula transitioning into her private healing work and classes.
  • A residential event center director moving into offering readings.

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Mentoring programs are by invitation only, requiring an application & interview to see if we have mutual fit.

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Once your questionnaire responses are received, Evalena can set up a discovery call with you. 

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Celebrate your spiritual gifts in Spiritual Mentorship with Evalena Rose.

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8-week Spiritual Mentorship


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