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Daily Dose of Positivity Podcast

Join me on the Daily Dose of Positivity Podcast with Donna Maltz as we explore crucial relationship skills for empaths on the path to self-mastery. Drawing from my own experiences, I'll provide tools to help empaths maintain energy boundaries and navigate relationships more effectively. Discover how to cultivate a sovereign field, utilize imagery techniques to dispel negativity, and adopt practices for emotional clarity after intimacy. Plus, hear about my personal journey and how I found channeling work! ūüíěWatch here.

Enlightened Empowered Evolved Podcast with Loot Bryon Smith

Excited to share that I was recently a guest on the Enlightened Empowered Evolved podcast with Loot Bryon Smith.  In this episode, we explore the power of moving beyond traditional talk therapy and embracing parts work to empower the adult self. We dive into connecting with your wisdom nature and spirit guides, exploring soul retrieval techniques for trauma healing, and navigating the path towards ancestral healing. Join us as we uncover the keys to unlocking your true potential and evolving into your most enlightened and empowered self.
Watch here.

Soul Sisters Get Real Podcast

Eleni Mitas and Caryn Bird delve into the world of Tantra and intimate connections with Evalena Rose as she shares her expertise on reaching orgasmic potential through eye-gazing, breathwork, and embracing vulnerability.  Learn how to dissolve shame, cultivate a love affair with your sexuality, and experience profound joy and connection in your intimate relationships.  Watch here.

Raise the Vibe Podcast with Liz Peterson

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the amazing Liz Peterson on her Raise the Vibe with Liz Podcast.  Brace yourself for a transformative journey as I share my own healing experiences that set me firmly on my Soul path. During this high-vibe conversation, you'll uncover the secrets to gaining a profound sense of agency, boosting personal sovereignty, healing trauma, and tapping into the boundless power of Self.  Watch here.

Radiant Angel Energy with Rae Calnan

Enjoy my live interview on the Radiant Angel Energy Podcast with the wonderful host, Rae Calnan. In this engaging conversation, we delve into the world of empaths and explore essential techniques to cultivate sovereignty.  Discover valuable insights on establishing clear energetic boundaries and reclaiming independence from external influences.  Gain vital skills and tools on how to live as an empowered empath.  Watch here.

The Sacred Conversation with Daniela Haskara

Enjoy this podcast Interview I did with Daniela Haskara.  We dive into navigating the realms of trauma and loss, uncovering the secrets to rebuilding the Self.  Discover how to connect with your very own team of Light, guiding you towards a path of purpose and empowerment.  Watch here. 

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Evalena is an expert in a range of topics, including...

  • Quantum Healing of Trauma
  • Relationship Skills for Empaths
  • Deconstructing Shame
  • Becoming Energetically Sovereign
  • Unleashing Your Orgasmic Potential
  • Communicating Effectively and Negotiating Well.¬†


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Communicating Effectively and Negotiating Well. 

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