Are you ~
Ready for major upgrades, activations?

Pregnant with visions that need time, sanctuary and support?
Wanting to magically align your inner world with ease & flow?
Wish you could indulge in your passions, create forward motion?
Praying for familiar blocks to dissolve, declaring it's time?
Desiring a roadmap of your Soul's plan and how to fulfill it?
Seeking high quality quantum healing, life-changing guidance?

Staying¬†in my healing sanctuary and care for a few days lets us liberate all holds trauma has on you, release blocks, create forward motion, and actualize your true self. Together, we¬†can move mountains. ūüíú¬†

I love consolidating my 55 years of exploration into guiding Intensive VIP retreats that foster quantum evolutionary leaps. Releasing baggage from childhood or other lifetimes lets you gain access to renewed, generative energy to fuel creativity, effectiveness, and fulfillment. 

Your soul's plan has more room to actualize!¬†ūüíú¬†

Immersives are in-depth explorations that help release repetitive, dysfunctional patterns as well as family and cultural lineages that hold you back.  They range from deeply personal to in-depth visioning of future offerings and business planning. 

An Immersive is highly customized to your needs.

We co-create these days weaving together a broad range of modalities to transmute, uplevel, and activate codes for next level development.

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Days May Include:

3+ days stay in my North Carolina home
in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Evolving¬†goals¬†from your needs, desires, issues.
  • MetaTherapy clearing dysfunctional patterns, freeing the emotional body
  • The Council of Twelve¬†collaborating with you¬†& guiding multi-dimensional activations
  • Possibly¬†Codes for New Humanity mega-healings
  • Expanded spiritual practices, journaling exercises
  • Might include Tantra and breathwork training
  • Rituals¬†& sacred ceremonies & rites of passage
Customized spiritual healing retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Channeling, MetaTherapy, and energetic healing.

"Evalena is an expert therapist for mind, body and spirit. She has mastered a plethora of modalities to reach into the core of a person and help them integrate life experiences into a sense of wholeness and oneness with the divine.  Evalena is a true medicine woman, shaman, therapist who works with your inner demons like a midwife, gently guiding your re-birthing of yourself." ~K.P.

Welcome deep transformations and healing through custom spiritual retreat days.

Solo Immersives

Extremely potent for an individual to have multiple days of Evalena’s full attention with The Council of Twelve, evolving new ways of Being.  Activate accelerated growth in every area of your life & work.

Evalena and The Council have evolved technologies of trauma recovery that allow for rapid release of trauma holds, unraveling complex PTSD, developing inner resources and resiliency.

  • Dysfunctional patterns released
  • Core self strengthened and engaged in life
  • Inner Self Helper encouraged to¬†guide from within
  • Soul essence retrieved from traumas of early life
  • Disowned parts embraced, brought into current time
  • Child invented¬†coping mechanisms¬†evolve into boundaries
  • Strategies¬†upleveled to clearly meet true needs
  • Future realities envisioned and empowered
  • Stuck emotions released, blocks dissipated
  • Family lineages cleared¬†- back and forward in time
  • Spiritual practices become more fully embodied
  • Capacities¬†expanded to live¬†more in 4th and 5th dimensions
Custom spiritual healing retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains with Evalena Rose.

"Evalena is truly a gifted soul. She always demonstrates the utmost integrity and wisdom in her therapeutic sessions. I have used her services for years and consider her an invaluable asset to my life on many levels. She has helped many of my friends and family, with extraordinary results." ~S.D.

Design Your Dream Experience

Schedule a complimentary call with me so we can create a VIP experience that will bring you exactly what you need.  Each is highly customized to you.

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Couples spiritual healing days. Let go deeply into your own alchemical process.


Couple’s Relationship Repair Intensives lets us resolve issues and all that underlies them:

  • In the ways they relate
  • In their communications, learning more effective styles
  • In each individual‚Äôs psyche, clearing history of dysfunction
  • In negotiating resolutions of long-standing difficulties or blocks to intimacy
  • In growing intimacy skiils, perhaps learning Tantra, pleasure mapping

Combines sessions together and individual times with Evalena, allowing both solo and paired times to integrate, journal, nap.  Also great for thruples, and poly-pods.


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Spiritual healing days for work groups. Let go deeply into your own alchemical process.

Work Groups

Group Immersives: Gather 4 -8-12 or 20 (same fee divided). Co-designed w group members, working with whole group, sub-groups, perhaps individually, channeling re shared interests
Business Planning Retreats: 

  • Solo: Access Soul‚Äôs Plan to clarify expansions, next steps, mentor in discerning target market, PR approaches, and with The Council develop a Business Team of guides if desired.
  • Work teams: You and colleagues enhance your capacities to work harmoniously and effectively.
  • Project Development: Mentoring teams and utilizing 30 years of business development tools



Book a Free 20 Minute Discovery Call
Welcome deep transformations and healing through custom spiritual retreat days.

Additions To The Journey:

For everyone:  Private quiet room & organic food included
Forays into nature, walks around lakes, by rivers or to waterfalls help with the integration process and allow for fun and rejuvenating days with Evalena.  Being outdoors helps open the body for the deep transformations you seek. 

14 waterfalls lie within an hour or two away!

For Couples: Pleasure Mapping Sessions help open new levels of sensual and sexual pleasure and expands skill levels.  As you practice making requests and giving feedback in a context of love, you evolve a communication style that deepens eros and leads to heightened ecstasy.

Sexual activity, in your private room outside of session time, can help integrate the changes . . . hopefully celebrate them!

For Work Groups:  Stepping out of digital mode and daily work demands allows for maximum interpersonal rapport, emotional healing, and clearing of communications.

We can include collaborations on projects or business plans.  If so, bring computers and devices to support that flow. We'll intersperse the use of these tools with time to disconnect, build effective personal connections, and integrate.

Spiritual healing days for work groups. Let go deeply into your own alchemical process.

3 Day Immersion


All inclusive of 3 days Immersive work, up to 5 nights lodging, healthy organic meals, snacks and side trips, pick-up from airport and delivery back.  Can include work with a superb Somatic Repatterning 

Payment Options
Spiritual healing days for work groups. Let go deeply into your own alchemical process.

5 Day Immersion


All inclusive of 5 days Immersive work, up to 7 nights lodging, healthy organic meals, snacks and side trips, pick-up from airport and delivery back.  We can book work with superb Somatic Repatterning, massage or acupuncture practitioners.

Payment Options
Spiritual healing days for work groups. Let go deeply into your own alchemical process.

Custom Immersive

Creating your best deep dive:
A West coast man came for 2 weeks, included a dance workshop, then Leaf Festival.
A corporate trainer spent a week redesigning her offerings.
A bodyworker did 4 hours a day for 3 days to clear issues
Open to options - fees determined by design. 

Payment Options