The Council Of Twelve and I welcome you to an experience of channeling. Enjoy a heart-filled audience with Light Beings whose wisdom supports your decision-making and sovereignty. Guides apply a laser-like focus to help you think through issues, solutions, and lessons learned.  This guidance is practical and potent.  Outmoded beliefs are replaced with an enhanced sense of self.

Additionally, The Council’s version of Soul Retrieval vastly facilitates recovery from trauma as it brings all of a person’s Soul Essence into now, quickly, with love. Energies of others are removed.
To learn more, you can read The Council’s explanation here.


Spend time with the highest, clearest, most radiant guides and Ascended Masters.

Channeled Business Guidance

The Council Of Twelve creates your own trusted Board Of Advisors, here to help you build and sustain clear leadership, skillful communication, and healthy influence for a successful, sustainable business.

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Channeled Personal Guidance

Heart-centered audiences with Spirit to deepen intimacy and clear conflicts for individuals, couples, and interplanetary work. Together we'll clear wounds from the past for a more prosperous and fulfilling life experience.

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Channeling Resources For You

Access a wealth of valuable content through Evalena's library of work. Everything from the quantum-field work of Femifesting, to years of video teachings and webinars. This is definitely something to check out!

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“I keep thinking each session is the best, then it gets topped by the next. I am so blessed to have you and The Council to call for guidance and assistance.”  - Marje Bratcher

Channeling The Council Of Twelve, a White Brotherhood of Light with the Divine Mother.

The Council of Twelve... ancient Council of the White Brotherhood of Light (Rainbow Family of Light) 
has served our planet for eons. It includes many Light Beings such as Melchizedek, Babaji, Christ, Mary Magdalen, Quan Yin, St. Germain, Metatron, Aphrodite.  The work is supported by angels and Archangels, especially Michael. 

Goddess Kali facilitates clearings of past trauma, other lifetimes or dark energies. Divine Mother is invoked in deep healing and inner child work.

If the needs of those seeking guidance warrants, The Council will bring in other guides with expertise in the areas needed.

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Soul Retrieval

Since time is an illusion, it’s possible to intervene at the scene of an injury, even one decades ago.  The grounded adult and Divine Mother step into a critical scene where a child self is “caught in time,” gains some trust, and lovingly invites them into current time. Divine Mother works the miracle of bringing the child self through space and time into a room the angels create in the adult’s heart. 

As each fragment comes into now and releases its roots in the past, the core of the person grows stronger . . . shaky foundations become more solid and reliable.

Trauma and injury occur in this third dimension.  The degree to which you still suffer relates to how much of you is caught in the shock of the past events. Suffering diminishes when all parts, all soul fragments, are embraced in "now" in the heart of the core personality.  in the case of pervasive, continual abuse, mother goddesses can retrieve your soul essence from conception on.

Channeling The Council Of Twelve for soul retrieval and healing trauma
Evalena Rose channeling The Council Of Twelve to help heal trauma.

Radical shifts happen when past trauma is no longer alive in the body, instead being left in the past.  One enjoys more self-confidence, easier embodiment, more ability to take in love being offered, and more ease.  As more aspects are retrieved, people gain in sovereignty, reclaiming their body as a sacred vessel for their spirit.

When young protector selves come into current time, a whole lot of fighting with the world ceases, perceived threats are left behind, and security grows from connecting with your core.  In the safety of now and being inside someone older, these parts slowly age progress and integrate with the kundalini life flow to become part of the whole.  It's most beautiful to witness.

Years ago a client, after years of our work on incest recovery, told The Council: “This isn’t fair – we spend all our childhood dealing with incest and our adult life is consumed in healing from it. There has to be a better way!”  Aphrodite replied: “We’ll take it under advisement”.

Soon The Council began this Soul Retrieval process, accelerating growth exponentially. Read The Council's explanation on how this works here.

Divine Mother loves to hold you in Her great heart womb, Her lap and arms. Rest there as you are reconstituting yourself. Breathe in Her love and offer Her all other emotions. She loves requests and knows how to heal you.


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“Evalena is an extraordinarily clear & accurate channel, a dedicated, compassionate healer, truly a joy to work with!  I have overcome significant challenges & made big changes because of her.  I recommend her wholeheartedly & enthusiastically!”   -S. B. 

Channeling Sessions

May Include:

  • Private audiences with Evalena Rose and The Council Of Twelve.
  • Soul Retrieval work.
  • Healing childhood wounds.
  • Releasing outmoded coping systems.
  • Exploring Intimacy issues.
  • Dissolving past life influences.
  • Clearing intrusive energies.
  • Upleveling Soul Contracts.
  • Clearing trauma from DNA.
  • Access to exalted Star Nations.
  • Audio recording sent to you.
  • And more!
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