Release Emotional Patterns

Come gently home to your body as energy 'blockages' are dislodged from cells and organs...bringing ALL of you to current time.

"I have wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loving, compassionate, insightful service to me and my spiritual growth. You are such a gifted healer, and you truly helped me to expand my narrow, limited way of seeing. You are a patient, generous servant of the Divine, and I've been so blessed by your presence in my life. Thank you so very much, Evalena. I so love you for who you are."  - A. E.

Energy healing gets us into loving alignment so we can lift past traumas.

Loving Alignment

With the help of healing guides and angels, we lift past traumas and ailments out of your physical and subtle bodies, balancing chakra energy centers so all of your systems come into clear alignment. This is a breath of fresh air and new life.

Energy healing transmutes fear for trauma release and clearing cords.

Clearing Cords

Relationship cords and contracts from past lives are dissolved and released so the light of your soul  can now guide you more clearly. Fear and anger are exchanged for love from Spirit so dis-ease dissolves into ease.

Energy healing & trauma release to disconnect stuck patterns between psyche and body.

Feeling Safe

Therapists often recommend this work to assist with disconnecting stuck patterns between psyche and body.  Let the safety of my expert hands and experienced presence release the armoring of your chronic pain.

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Luminescent Healing At Home

Connect with the Divine beloved, and the beloved within through this powerful Chakra Healing Meditationfree! Learn to allow your luminous light body to clear the channels for a potent healing.

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"Evalena is an expert therapist for mind, body and spirit. She has mastered a plethora of modalities to reach into the core of a person and help them integrate life experiences into a sense of wholeness and oneness with the divine. Evalena is a true medicine woman/shaman/therapist who works with your inner-demons like a midwife, gently guiding your re-birthing of yourself."   ~K. P.

Energetic Healing Sessions

Participate in this transformative therapy for heroic people who commit to creating a life and freeing themselves from being ruled by their past.

There are faster, kinder ways for you to heal than reliving painful memories again and again. Using soul retrieval, as done in shamanic traditions, Spirit and I have developed many ways to retrieve and nurture fragmented parts of the soul. 

In bringing all of you into current time, painful memories recede into another time and your Essence separates from your experience.

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Would You Like To Explore Even Deeper?

There is an innovative system that offers a series of elevations in consciousness for those seeking to rise into 4th and 5th dimensional realities. Codes For New Humanity sessions activate you to live in higher realities and lift your body, heart, and soul to more advanced levels of evolution. Myriad guides and angels work with your chakras to align them with higher vibratory patterns, including 7 energy centers above the crown.   

We upgrade the pineal and pituitary glands plus the mid-brain.  We clear DNA, activating inactive strands.  Family and karmic patterns are released all the way back to where they originated in your soul's ancestry.  You gain access to enhanced intuition and your Soul knowledge.

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Feeling Curious?

Do you like to order appetizers when you go out to eat? Sometimes, small bites are the perfect way to be introduced to a new favorite dish. So, go ahead and order a small introductory session. It may just become your new favorite thing. đź’ś 

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"Wow! You removed so much energy from my head that I feel normal, for the first time in months, and the effects are lasting!"   ~ Melissa Patterson, Naturopath

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