The Interplay of Inner Feminine and Inner Masculine in Actualizing Goals.


How Do We Enter the
Quantum Field Of Creation?

Through a magnetic process I call: Femifesting.

Femifesting is a meditative series of journeys that help you map out pathways to your most actualized Self. You are guided to evolve your capacity for living the path of your heart. These beautiful practices include the interplay of inner feminine and inner masculine in actualizing goals.

With Femifesting Meditations You'll:

Map out the path to the life you want.

Release dysfunctional patterns and behaviors.

Anchor into the consciousness of your Future Self in order to resolve current blocks.

Spirit will guide you to a higher dimension of your Soul's expression!


The Council of Twelve often says:

“When you walk the path of the Heart, all the resources you need become available to you. That’s where they are placed!  You walking the path of your Heart, living your passion, magnetizes them to you.”

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Femifesting is such a clear and direct process for establishing contact with the best versions of our self and our future life. As always, Evalena gives great guidance on how to really embrace this process and take the steps that lead to the life we desire.”  - Dorothy LaRue

Which Path Would You Like Revealed to You?

10 Femifesting Meditations:
Your brightest future reveals pathways to:
1.   Radiant Health and Vital Well-Being, Moving Beyond Health Challenges

2.   Evolving a Wealthy Life that Generates Prosperity and Abundance

3.   Understanding Your Life Purpose
4.   Succeeding in the Career of Your Dreams

5.   Sustaining Healthy Relationships in All of Life

6.   Satisfying and Lasting Love and Intimacy

7.   Activating Your Spiritual Evolution
8.   Creating a Balanced Life with Leisure and Play
9.   Developing a Life of Travel and World Citizenship

10. Enjoying a Peaceful Home in which All Flourish
11. Bonus with each meditation
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Experience The Life 

Your Heart Knows Is Possible

Femifesting is more than a play on words from manifesting where you set goals and out the steps to get to them.  Femifesting calls in the future or higher life where your goals are already actualized and Spirit transports you into that reality to experience actually living as you desire.
Each 25 minute guided meditation aligns you with your quantum nature and guides you to work with your most actualized Future Self to witness cherished goals fulfilled.  Soak up the confidence and wisdom of your sovereign self elsewhere in time living out your dreams.  Future Self can become a guide on your path.
To see your dreams fully achieved, Spirit might connect you with a reality in a parallel universe, a higher dimension of your Soul's expression.  Sitting in that far more satisfying future sets an anchor in that reality that can magnetize your current life to it.  

Paradigm shifts result!


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