Living As An Empath

In this 6-week series you will gain vital skills and tools to set clear, energetic boundaries and claim your sovereignty from unwanted influences of others.

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Clear Toxic Energy

Reclaim your body, mind, and emotions as you learn to cleanse and clear toxic residues from your physical, emotional, and subtle bodies and from your life..

Enhance Your Skills

Learn to heighten your intuitive abilities and hone the valuable empathic gifts of insight and wisdom so they serve your mission and your life.

Stay Safe

Hold exquisite boundaries with compassion while you work with others, and develop your own practices to release their energies and stay clear.

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To be a healer, for yourself and others, you must know your own strength.

If you’re an empath or sensitive person, it’s more important than ever to reign in your extrasensory “feelers” and keep your field clear.  As you apply your special intuitive powers to attend to your own physical and emotional wellbeing, you'll be less energetically drained by what's happening around you.
Care and keeping of your energy field and chakras allows you to feel strong and have more to share.  Offering, not going out to the other.  Radiating healing, not taking on pain or turmoil. 
If you're an empath, learn to set energetic boundaries and use intuitive abilities.

What do you need...

to clear the way for your voice, your healing, your power?

Uplevel your awareness and skill in navigating relationships and personal development so you remain free to amplify and express your talents, your light, and your healing.  Gain mastery in sustaining your own sovereign energy field even as you intuitively serve others.  

* This class was originally developed for the expert sessions on
Learn It Live, a wellness learning platform.
The 6 videos are pre-recorded.


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