I created MetaTherapy to reach beyond conventional therapy sessions. The healing that evolves through MetaTherapy becomes an invitation into wholeness, and the past is transmuted by your radiant Light.

Through this powerful work:

  • Doors open to fulfillment and happiness. 
  • Trauma gives way to new ways of being. 
  • Individuals uncover their most authentic nature.
  • Couples deepen their skills for intimacy and develop healthy communications.
  • Progress is made toward your cherished goals.
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"Most impactful, profound counseling ever!  Evalena is a highly skilled therapist who creates a safe, loving space where you feel comfortable getting to core issues holding you back. She instinctively knows exactly when and how to prod in her gentle, loving way."T. S.

It's What You've Been Waiting For

With roots in mysticism, spirituality, recovery, and emotional healing, this customized work helps you heal core wounds and draw all of your energy into current time to fully access your true power.

I will guide you in the release of long-held emotions so you can access spiritual resources to transmute patterns from childhood or past lives. Communing with sub-personalities helps meet inner needs, making it safe to drop old defensive systems.

You gain insights, greater authenticity, increased sovereignty, and the courage to initiate new ways of being. As an empath and intuitive channel, I help you discern which rituals, visualizations, embodied movements, or emotional releases will bring you the most freedom.

Come Home To Yourself.

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"During my traumatic and sudden, unexpected divorce, I was triggered into past abuse issues. Within 3 sessions, Evalena not only helped me feel alive and happy again, despite my present challenges, but also gave me tools and a deep awakening that allowed me to almost instantly heal traumas of the past. With her guidance and healing support, a new expression of who I am has emerged. I am filled with power, humor, and inner authority. Evalena has wisdom that can only be cultivated through years of walking the talk and healing others. She has a huge toolbox and a huge heart, earned over decades of study, investigation, and working closely with others and with Spirit."

- Lisa Smartt, bestselling author/book coach/public speaker  

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"I owe so much to you for starting me on my true path and continuing to support me on it. I am a different person thanks to you."  ~ Dot. S, Back Pain Specialist

Your Innate Wisdom Is Calling You Home

Download my free Chakra Healing Meditation so that you can begin to remember what it's like to feel clear, confident, and whole in your body, mind, and soul.

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Recover, Renew, and Restore

MetaTherapy brings accelerated healing through love for trauma and clearing blocked energy.

Accelerated Healing

Advanced techniques of clearing and transmuting energies serve people who are already far along in their healing journey.

MetaTherapy reaches beyond conventional therapy for recovery from dysfunctional patterns.

A High Quality Life

Recovery from abusive, dysfunctional patterns and experiences is reached through uprooting core, defensive postures.

The alchemy of love is activated through MetaTherapy, for couples and individuals' joyous sexuality.

Joyous Sexuality

Couples and individuals release past grievances, clear turmoil, and adopt healthy communication skills that enhance intimacy. 

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"I give eternal thanks for you being part of my journey. Reflecting back a year ago, I feel and see myself so very differently. Grateful for your special blend of spiritual midwifery and magic!" 
~ Estie Golan, Somatic Educator, Structural Integrator


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