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Psychic Soul Retrieval

soul retrieval May 09, 2020

We deliver to you blessings from the Councils of Light, who watch carefully over this earth and over you who are crossing over into new paradigms. Breathe in and accept our blessings, so our words may quicken in you whatever responses take you further along your path of spiritual unfoldment.

Encoded in you is all the knowledge needed to unravel the mystery of your unique personality and return to the remembrance that you are God. Incarnation is a funny thing, really, since all is the One Being: omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and unconditionally loving. So how do we, who are S/He, get life so muddled anyway, and how do we step out of this puzzle? The only real explanation for the Supreme Being choosing to create incarnations is curiosity. God is curious: “What would it be like if I, becoming a little i, could so entangle myself in that which is not me that I would find it impossible to recover my self knowledge”

Eventually the god within always untangles itself, and so S/He endlessly creates versions of Himself in a zillion different guises. In each one She/He devolves, spirals down into matter, accepting certain life experiences to install twists and turns into the personality until amnesia covers all awareness of Itself. Then It has the joy of unraveling Itself as the person heals and grows. The design is to have enough twists and turns to fill a lifetime with opportunities to awaken on another level. Once you know the point of the game, focus on remembering every chance you get. This focus releases attachment to the pain which lessens it and thus, diminishes your suffering.

One often wakes only to fall asleep (amnesic) again, drifting into the patterns learned from adaptations to abuse. The secret is to keep waking up. Spiritual practices, given through many paths and traditions, support this unfolding and unraveling process. Meditations can still the mind so you allow God to be you. An excellent affirmation/prayer for this time is: “God help me be the best expression of me that You are as me.” Yoga, dance, and conscious movement help open your body to being the temple for the Divine it’s intended to be. “Goddess, help my body come fully into present time and into awareness of You in every cell.”

Give up your belief in your “little self” and focus awareness on your expanded nature, your Essence Self, those parts of you which can never be wounded and retain your original innocence. Your core, the sushumna, which runs through the center of each chakra, belongs to your Light Body. Imbibe your light into this core with your breath and imagery. Call on your GodSelf, your Higher Self, your Intuitive Nature to open you and fill you with your Essence as a Being.

For years, we’ve heard from survivors of severe abuse, “Isn’t it bad enough I had to go through this once, why do I have to go through it again to heal it? Isn’t there an easier way, a faster way?” Our hearts responded with a promise to see what could be developed. Now you see new energetic healing and shamanic therapeutic techniques being developed, new combinations of work that speed recovery along, such as therapy augmented by shamanic retrieval work and channeling with energetic healing.

Indigenous cultures and shamanic traditions see many ailments as a loss of soul. For example, when a child is abused by a loved one, the experience is shattering and the personality often crumbles into pieces with no one to nurture it back whole. The child cannot protect itself from one so close and safety is destroyed, especially if the abuse includes sexual invasion. The psyche feels cut off from help and scrambles to protect that which is too sacred to be destroyed. If the abuse is severe, part of the soul may get caught in time (lost in the middle world).

When abuse recurs, the psyche learns to get its most precious parts out of the way, i.e., dissociates them, sending focused consciousness out of the body. We would assert the part that dissociates, that leaves the body gets spared the pain of the abusive experience and is able to grow into the adult, and eventually the spiritual seeker. Other parts who cannot leave the body (else it would be comatose) are worse off. They become wounded and often sink into the shadow realms once the abuse is over, affecting life but not really living it in the now. In shamanic terms, they are soul pieces lost into the underworld.

Some of these “lost selves”, or splits, live so far away from the adult’s waking consciousness they are not aware of the life being lived now, and the adult may not be aware of them. Repressed memory work helps open the memory of the one “caught in time, helping the adult get in touch with it, learn what happened and feel the feelings. Traditional therapy does a good job of this stage, but without the spiritual work that follows, one can be stuck in the old emotions. This is when your guides and angels get prayers screaming for faster ways to heal.

We find once the split is contacted, the healing adult can bring the child into current time and love her or him into now. The adult explains: “I am your future self, the adult you grow up into. I love you. I’m here for you. I can take care of you and protect you now. You are safe.” Little sentences, said over and over, help them see how your life if different now. Help them get to know your life today.

People further along in therapy have parts who have developed self love and can invite the returning parts in and extend love. If self love is not yet established, you can bring in Divine Mother to teach the adult how to do the loving. Every life is a hologram of the Soul incarnate within it, so you can call upon lives or realities in your soul where you know fully how to love and nurture any part back into wholeness.

We often find bringing them into your heart, and making a room in the mansion of yourself for this part of you, a special child’s room for just their age, helps them settle inside you. Nurture and soothe for a day or so before asking what this child did for you, what qualities they bring back to you, what they need. A regular session of loving, holding, stroking, and being parent to this returned child helps them come into the safety of now and release the terrors of the past. Remember they saved the part of you that grew and prospered. Now it is your turn to save them.

Other splits go into the upper world. When abuse gets really tough, the psyche fears losing its precious life force in the chaos, so part of it tries to rejoin Source. These are often kept safe by your guardian angel, growing in the Light, waiting for when you’re ready to call them back. They often return young and naïve, yet savvy about ways of being you can only dream of, so let them teach you how to be. Often you can simply open a place in your heart to them and allow their Light to infuse itself into you and restore your peace. Bringing home such a split is a blessing.

Still others may be lost in very dark corners of the underworld and probably can only be rescued by a shaman doing a soul retrieval, or through channeling that combines therapy, healing, and work with angels and guides. When they return, ask angels to wash them clear and create new clothes. Do the same nurturing, though you may need Kuan Yin or Divine Mother to spell you at times, for these are even more lost to present day consciousness and can need more than you can give alone. Since you are never alone, why not invite in help, inner plane as well as a skilled embodied guide.

Spirit is OH SO MUCH more available to help you in your healing than you think. If you find yourself crying, ask Kuan Yin to hold you and absorb your suffering. If you are working with young ones and babies (as happens once you’ve done the healing of older splits) ask Divine Mother or any of the mother goddesses to hold you in her Womb and recreate you in the highest image of wholeness of which your soul is capable. If you’re ready to integrate splits you’ve nurtured well, ask your spiritual family of Light to hold you and show you how. We’ll channel about integration soon.

We enclose a meditation Evalena has written for her workshops to help restore one’s sexuality and the sanctity of one’s body. You might share this in a group with one person reading it to all, or record it and let the recording take you deep into your goddess nature. You are so very blessed for you are the One Being in your core, beneath all the wounds. Breathe and relax and allow yourself to remember. Blessed Be. We love you intensely. Namaste’

The Council of Twelve, as channeled through Evalena Rose, July 6, 2002

These words belong to everyone. Feel free to pass them along in any way that serves. To receive future channelings, send an email to: [email protected].

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