Dissolving the Effects of Abuse

For many of us wounded sexually as children, intimacy and sexuality are a struggle between trying to consistently feel our sexual feelings or give up caring about relationships.  Incest and centuries of repressing the feminine and truncating the masculine (in us all) make intimacy difficult for many, often hard work, and sometimes frought with triggers.  I feel healing such pervasive effects requires we come to live in our deeper feminine, the true nature that lies beneath the wounds.  At our core we must be whole and I want us to find our way back to that wholeness and original innocence.

I love doing therapy with the heroic people who’ve not only survived incest and childhood horrors, but manage to have a life while freeing themselves of being ruled by the past.  My guides have joined me in committing to find faster, kinder ways for survivors to heal than reliving memories and being victim to the pain again and again.  I studied soul retrieval as...

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