My Long Journey to Wholeness

Reading about other’s journeys from mental illness to mental health brought to mind my journey from depression that became chronic and verged on suicidal in the late 70’s, though now I know it was massive repression taught to us descendants of Nebraska homesteaders.  What a shock when my marriage failed, for I’d excelled in all the courses about homemaking and was a good wife by farm standards, though I had no emotional life and knew nothing about how to live with an alcoholic who had psychotic breaks.

My hard-working stock would say: just move on, put it behind you and keep going, a fine recipe for repression.  I plunged myself into my work of helping open new community residential alternatives for the mentally challenged.  As long as I was achieving, I knew I was ok.

I was haunted, however, in my personal life by the shadow of multiple molestations from my toddler days to puberty (totally out of my awareness for another 15 years).  My first...

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