Spiral Through Chakras Meditation

chakra healing meditation May 09, 2020

Come live in your heart.  This is a meditation to take up residence in your heart and your core.  You’ll be invited to bring your consciousness into each chakra, which are the energy centers in the center of your body.  Each chakra connects the subtle bodies to the physical and are found at the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, and perineum.

The Meditation:  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to center.  Then imagine seeing your body like a lighthouse with you at the Light at the top.  Imagine taking the spiral stairs down and around the center, the core of your body.  As you imagine stepping on each stone step, bring your consciousness down with you which signals to your sub-conscious you are creating a new ground of being.

Move slowly, allowing yourself to make two to 3 spirals around your central core between each chakra.  Pause at each chakra until “you” are fully there, as if each is a landing in...

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