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Spiral Through Chakras Meditation

chakra healing meditation May 09, 2020

Come live in your heart.  This is a meditation to take up residence in your heart and your core.  You’ll be invited to bring your consciousness into each chakra, which are the energy centers in the center of your body.  Each chakra connects the subtle bodies to the physical and are found at the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, and perineum.

The Meditation:  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to center.  Then imagine seeing your body like a lighthouse with you at the Light at the top.  Imagine taking the spiral stairs down and around the center, the core of your body.  As you imagine stepping on each stone step, bring your consciousness down with you which signals to your sub-conscious you are creating a new ground of being.

Move slowly, allowing yourself to make two to 3 spirals around your central core between each chakra.  Pause at each chakra until “you” are fully there, as if each is a landing in the lighthouse.  Perhaps even look out the window at that chakra’s “landing” and see what the world looks like from there.

When you reach the heart, you’re in the place about half-way up that has decks all around, windows all around – Command Central.  Create a commander’s chair there, a home for yourself, a place from which to operate your light.  From the heart, commanding is not controlling as it is from the ego, it’s more about discretion and discernment.  Make an altar in your heart to all that you truly desire and empower it.

When you’re ready, continue on the stone steps down through the three lower chakras, taking up residence in each one as you go.  Once you fill your center with your energy all the way down to the first chakra, bring in your Light, your Essence as a being, spiraling down your center, washing down through your grounding and washing it clear.

Bring in more Light to fill your center and when your core is full, let the Light radiate out through your body.  Filling the core makes it magnetic and draws your energy inward and can repel or send others’ energies back to them.  Claim your body as your private home and so fill it with your essence that no one else can be there.  Caring for others does not have to include carrying them in your body.

Fill your core with Light again, and let it radiate through your body and create a lovely luminescent bubble around your body.  You can do this for each of the four layers of the aura, each time filling the core first, then letting it radiate out beyond the layers beneath.  Thus you have energized and aligned your chakras, and your subtle bodies.  Nice!

For a video version a similar meditation, go to YouTube, channel of Evalena Rose.  Feel free to copy the audio so you have it on your cell to take with you wherever you go.

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