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channeling spirit Mar 23, 2021
Change is afoot. At this cusp of an age, the whole world is changing, basic assumptions are being challenged. What seemed secure no longer does. To stay balanced, sink your roots into that which is unchangeable, the core of your being, the Light at your center.  Collaborating with guidance helps you stay in that center.
Guidance comes in many forms and comes every time you ask, though you may not perceive it. It's easy to miss - the "still small voice" can seem like your own mind, though it may feel more calm, peaceful, wise. Guidance may also arrive in a strong hunch, that moment when your intuitive field gets activated, when you have a gut feeling. 
You may be guided through a scent, a sound, or a synchronicity of music, words, or images. Wise Prayer:  "Guide my words, my thoughts, my actions."  Once you request, expect an internal sense of what to say, where to go, what to do. When you partner with guidance, you walk in the center of your path where all the resources you need exist.
To better receive your guides, create an altar to that goal, and sit asking for the highest, brightest, and clearest guides, those who love you, to come and help you learn to hear them.  Sit with a pad and paper or recorder and get still.  Begin writing or recording when something comes, stream of consciousness.  The ego will get busy asking “is this you or guidance?”  Best answer: “I don’t know, please be still and allow me this spiritual experience.”  At first, it may be somewhat you and some guidance, yet you’re wise, so it’s a gift whatever comes. 
Practice often and allow the skill to develop.  The stream of guided wisdom will widen and become more fluid as you open the channels with practice and curiosity instead of judging self.
Life works best when you get very "here and now" so you can join in partnership with Spirit to ride the winds of change. Grounding plus presence and openness in your heart will help you find options that will carry you through. When you get quiet and stop trying to control things, when you surrender, Spirit can move through you to motivate actions that serve your highest goals.
Focus on what you have, the strength you're developing, and the surrender you're achieving. Ask Divine Mother to hold you, Kwan Yin to absorb your suffering, goddesses and angels to help release you from your mind. Suffering is more what the egoic mind makes of things than what is actually happening. Your happiness is a change of mind away!
Take very good care of yourself. We love you immensely and walk every step of this path with you, when you ask. Blessed Be.
The Council of Twelve through Evalena Rose, Oracle of Change, 2018

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